This type of financing covers business operating costs for one year, including expenses related to hiring key employees.

Maximum $250,000

This loan can be combined with conditionally non-repayable financing that may cover 50% of external professional fees related to your project.

Type of help
  • 2 options
    • Term or equity loan, repayable over 5 years, or under certain conditions, up to 7 years. Possibility of postponing principal payments for up to 12 months, or under certain conditions, up to 24 months.
    • Debenture maturing at between 3 to 5 years, or under certain conditions, up to 7 years, and which may be convertible and backed by stock options.
  • Collateral may be required for this type of financing
  • Repayable at any time without penalty
Eligible expenses
  • Working capital related to the first year of the project, excluding R&D expenses
Interest rate

Competitive and risk-based

Main eligibility conditions
  • Be legally constituted
  • Be located in the DEL region or plan to be
  • Operate in an eligible industry and offer value-added services or products generally intended for businesses (B2B)
  • Submit a project that will help to create and/or maintain jobs
  • Submit a project for which government financing and DEL financing combined cover a maximum of 50% of the project expenses
  • Demonstrate that the project is based on realistic financial forecasts demonstrating profitability and growth potential
  • Provide current financial statements showing 20% equity after the project and ability to repay
  • Demonstrate that the business and entrepreneur are not in default to the government or its creditors, nor are they the subject of any litigation
Main documents to present
  • Financial statements for the past 3 years and current year
  • Projected financial forecasts for the next 2 years of the business
  • Business model and revenue model or business plan
  • Entrepreneur’s personal financial statement and credit report

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